Kiehl Chemicals

Kiehl Chemicals

To complement wash systems we also provide our customers with the highest quality chemicals to ensure maximum utilisation of our customer’s investment.

Kiehl has always set the trends from the earliest beginning of this market up to now and has developed, through intensive cooperation with car wash manufacturers and operators, innovative high quality products and services which have established a market leading position.

Kiehl products give the carwash customer intensive, deep cleaning of the vehicle aswel as a glossy shine and long lasting surface protection against environmental attack.

Kiehl products complement the carwash operator by providing short programme times to utilise consumer traffic, low chemical costs to maximise return on investment whilst also increasing customer loyalty by giving optimal cleaning and maintenance results.

We supply pre treatment and wash chemicals, drying and waxing products, water treatment chemicals, car wash cleaning and perfumes along with all associated accessories.

We are certified to provide such products and can advise on health and safety regulations with regards the sale and supply of such products.