Truck Brush Wash

Truck Brush Wash

Clarke Auto Wash provides it customers with the best in truck wash systems supplying washes to some of the largest fleets in the country.

We supply globally renowned Christ wash systems and offer a range of different packages which can be tailored to suit individual needs for those in the truck business.

Our systems boast the latest innovative technologies which reduce water, electricity and chemical consumption whilst also providing water recycling treatment systems.

The washes are designed for maximum longevity with its robust, completely galvanized steel portal which minimize operational costs in the long run.

All our systems are user friendly and come with warranty contracts with the option to engage in maintenance contracts to ensure our customers get the best from their machines.

With over twenty years in the wash industry our engineers provide expert consultancy and advisory services to help you make the right decision and we are available to quote in all 32 counties in Ireland.